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Cosmetic Ingredients Listing Cosmetic Antiplaque Agents
aluminum fluoride Use(s): cosmetic agents
ammonium fluoride Use(s): oral care agents
ammonium fluorosilicate Use(s): oral care agents
ammonium monofluorophosphate Use(s): oral care agents
calcium fluoride Use(s): color agents, nutrient supplements
calcium glycerophosphate Use(s): nutrient supplements
calcium monofluorophosphate Use(s): antiplaque, oral care
calcium phosphate Use(s): cosmetic agents
cetylamine hydrofluoride Use(s): antiplaque, oral care
chlorothymol Use(s): cosmetic agents
cinnamomum cassia bark oil Use(s): flavor and fragrance agents
cinnamomum cassia bark oil china Use(s): flavor and fragrance agents
dequalinium chloride Use(s): cosmetic agents
domiphen bromide Use(s): cosmetic agents
elettaria cardamomum fruit extract Use(s): antimicrobial agents
eugenia caryophyllus bud water Use(s): antimicrobial, antioxidants agents
magnesium fluoride Use(s): antiplaque agents
magnesium fluorosilicate Use(s): cosmetic agents
nicomethanol hydrofluoride Use(s): cosmetic agents
octadecenyl-ammonium fluoride Use(s): antiplaque agents
olaflur Use(s): cosmetic agents
oligopeptide-104 Use(s): antiplaque agents
pineamidopropyl betaine Use(s): antiplaque agents
potassium fluoride Use(s): cosmetic agents
potassium fluorosilicate Use(s): cosmetic agents
potassium glycerophosphate Use(s): cosmetic agents
potassium monofluorophosphate Use(s): cosmetic agents
prunus amygdalus dulcis shell extract Use(s): antiplaque agents
sodium floride Use(s): food contact resinous and polymeric coatings
sodium fluorosilicate Use(s): antiplaque agents
sodium glycerophosphate Use(s): antiplaque agents
sodium monofluorophosphate Use(s): nutrient supplements
stannous fluoride Use(s): cosmetic agents
stannous pyrophosphate Use(s): cosmetic agents
zinc citrate Use(s): cosmetic agents, dietary supplements
zinc sulfate anhydrous Use(s): cosmetic agents
zinc sulfate monohydrate Use(s): cosmetic agents
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