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potassium persulfate
peroxydisulfuric acid (((HO)S(O)2)2O2), potassium salt (1:2)

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CAS Number: 7727-21-1Picture of molecule3D/inchi
ECHA EINECS - REACH Pre-Reg:231-781-8
Nikkaji Web:J43.953C
Molecular Weight:272.32760000
Formula:H2 O8 S2.2K
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Category:coatings, films and related substances
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FDA Regulation:
Subpart C--Coatings, Films and Related Substances
Sec. 172.210 Coatings on fresh citrus fruit.

Subpart B--Substances for Use Only as Components of Adhesives
Sec. 175.105 Adhesives.

Subpart C--Substances for Use as Components of Coatings
Sec. 175.210 Acrylate ester copolymer coating.

Subpart B--Substances for Use Only as Components of Paper and Paperboard
Sec. 176.170 Components of paper and paperboard in contact with aqueous and fatty foods.

Subpart B--Substances for Use as Basic Components of Single and Repeated Use Food Contact
Sec. 177.1210 Closures with sealing gaskets for food containers.

Subpart C--Substances for Use Only as Components of Articles Intended for Repeated Use
Sec. 177.2600 Rubber articles intended for repeated use.
Physical Properties:
Food Chemicals Codex Listed: No
Soluble in:
 water, 1e+006 mg/L @ 25 °C (est)
Organoleptic Properties:
Odor and/or flavor descriptions from others (if found).
Cosmetic Information:
CosIng:cosmetic data
Cosmetic Uses: oxidising agents
Potassium Persulfate
Allan Chemical
Potassium Persulfate
American Elements
Potassium Persulfate 99%
Odor: characteristic
Use: Potassium Persulfate is a transparent colorless crystal that is a strong oxidizer. It is generally immediately available in most volumes. High purity, submicron and nanopowder forms may be considered. American Elements produces to many standard grades when applicable, including Mil Spec (military grade); ACS, Reagent and Technical Grade; Food, Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Grade; Optical Grade, USP and EP/BP (European Pharmacopoeia/British Pharmacopoeia) and follows applicable ASTM testing standards.
American International Chemical, LLC.
Potassium Persulfate
Charkit Chemical
Covalent Chemical
Potassium Persulfate
Glentham Life Sciences
Potassium persulfate
Penta International
Sigma-Aldrich: Aldrich
For experimental / research use only.
Potassium Persulfate 99.99% trace metals basis
Safety Information:
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Hazards identification
Classification of the substance or mixture
GHS Classification in accordance with 29 CFR 1910 (OSHA HCS)
None found.
GHS Label elements, including precautionary statements
Hazard statement(s)
None found.
Precautionary statement(s)
None found.
Oral/Parenteral Toxicity:
oral-rat LD50 802 mg/kg
"Documentation of the Threshold Limit Values and Biological Exposure Indices," 5th ed., Cincinnati, OH, American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, Inc., 1986Vol. 5, Pg. 468, 1986.

Dermal Toxicity:
Not determined
Inhalation Toxicity:
Not determined
Safety in Use Information:
coatings, films and related substances
Recommendation for potassium persulfate usage levels up to:
 not for fragrance use.
Recommendation for potassium persulfate flavor usage levels up to:
 not for flavor use.
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EPA Substance Registry Services (TSCA):7727-21-1
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Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary :24412
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WGK Germany:1
dipotassium sulfonatooxy sulfate
EPA/NOAA CAMEO:hazardous materials
 dipotassium sulfonatooxy sulfate
NIST Chemistry WebBook:Search Inchi
Canada Domestic Sub. List:7727-21-1
Pubchem (cid):24412
Pubchem (sid):134989505
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Export Tariff Code:2833.40.1000
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article of commerce contains 93-97% potassium persulfate.
Potential Blenders and core components note
None Found
Potential Uses:
 oxidising agents
Occurrence (nature, food, other):note
 not found in nature
 dipotassium [(sulfonatoperoxy)sulfonyl]oxidanide
 dipotassium peroxodisulfate
 dipotassium peroxodisulphate
 dipotassium peroxydisulfate
 dipotassium persulfate
 dipotassium sulfonatooxy sulfate
 peroxydisulfuric acid (((HO)S(O)2)2O2) , dipotassium salt
 peroxydisulfuric acid (((HO)S(O)2)2O2), potassium salt (1:2)
 peroxydisulfuric acid ([(HO)S(O)2]2O2), dipotassium salt
 peroxydisulfuric acid potassium salt (1:2)
 peroxydisulfuric acid, dipotassium salt
 potassium peroxodisulfate
 potassium peroxydisulfate
 potassium peroxydisulfate (K2(S2O8))
 potassium peroxydisulphate


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PubMed:Model systems for metabolism studies. Biomimetic oxidation of acetaminophen and ellipticine derivatives with water-soluble metalloporphyrins associated to potassium monopersulfate.
PubMed:On-line photo-oxidation for the determination of organoarsenic compounds by atomic-absorption spectrometry with continuous arsine generation.
PubMed:Oxidative cleavage of DNA mediated by hybrid metalloporphyrin-ellipticine molecules and functionalized metalloporphyrin precursors.
PubMed:Photosensitized reactions of poly(U) with tris(2,2'-bipyridyl)ruthenium(II) and peroxydisulfate.
PubMed:Potassium monopersulfate and a water-soluble manganese porphyrin complex, [Mn(TMPyP)](OAc)5, as an efficient reagent for the oxidative cleavage of DNA.
PubMed:[Improving the quality of bathing water by oxygen releasing substances].
PubMed:The SO4- -induced oxidation of 1,3,6-trimethyluracil and 1,3-dimethylthymine by potassium peroxodisulphate and oxygen in aqueous solution: an interesting contrast.
PubMed:Biological deactivation and single-strand breakage of plasmid DNA by photosensitization using tris(2,2'-bipyridyl)ruthenium(II) and peroxydisulfate.
PubMed:The SO4(.-)-induced chain reaction of 1,3-dimethyluracil with peroxodisulphate.
PubMed:Coimmobilization of malate dehydrogenase and formate dehydrogenase in polyethyleneglycol(#4000)diacrylate gel by droplet gel-entrapping method.
PubMed:Mechanisms of in vitro pyrrole adduct autoxidation in 2,5-hexanedione-treated protein.
PubMed:Reactions of nitroimidazoles with free radicals--enhancement of reaction by u.v. irradiation.
PubMed:Kinetics of the harmaline oxidation by peroxodisulfate.
PubMed:Shifts of delayed immune response to persulphates and other allergens.
PubMed:Anaphylactic reactions to industrial toxins.
PubMed:Rashes amongst persulphate workers.
PubMed:Determination of iron in drugs.
PubMed:An automated fluorimetric method for the determination of fluproquazone in plasma and urine.
PubMed:Estimation of polymerization efficiency in the formation of polyacrylamide gel, using continuous optical scanning during polymerization.
PubMed:Labeling of monodisperse polystyrene microspheres with tightly bound 51Cr.
PubMed:Polarographic currents in potassium peroxydisulphate-alkali halide systems and the determination of peroxydisulphate ion.
PubMed:The oxidation of skatole with potassium persulfate.
Defoamer and dispersing adjuvant for coatings on fresh citrus fruits
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